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Marine Storage

Marinas often look to us to maximize their real estate while providing optimal protection from the harsh weather conditions. 

Dry stack systems are offered in two basic options:  Freestanding Racks and 3-sided Rack Storage Systems.

The systems are completely customizable, allowing accommodation for multiple boats side by side. Organization is a key feature with our marine storage systems. Boat storage can be designed to store boats and trailers in the same or separate bays.

Marine storage systems provide optimal protection from the elements. Covered sheds provide protection from rain, snow, wind, debris and ultraviolet rays that can cause damage to stored boats.

Our boat racks are made from durable prefabricated steel, which is customer powder coated or galvanized. Our expert marine storage specialists will install and assemble the building and boat racks for you once it has been shipped from our design and manufacturing facility. The storage system and boat racks are then built on a concrete slab or footings to ensure optimal support for your marine storage facility. 

Dry stack systems are convenient, secure and durable. The density of vertical boat-storage can offer your organization substantial revenues and profitability.

For more information about our marine storage systems and boat racks, see our brochure or contact a Concept Storage sales representative! Are boat racks the marine storage solution you’ve been looking for? Request a quote today!


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