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Post Protectors

Post Protectors

Our rack post protectors and Rack-Aisle-End provide solid protection and they are easy-to-install and economical.

Pallet rack systems are not designed to withstand forklift impact. Even the slightest traffic collision can result in structural damage and potential rack collapse. Our rack post protectors are designed to shield vulnerable column uprights from such accidents. The durable, all-steel construction wraps around the entire circumfrence of each rack post to absorb and dissipate impact. Your racking will remain intact abd your workflow productive.

Rack post protectors are available in three standard sizes to accomodate a range of racking systems.

Our rack protectors shield sensitive rack-aisle-ends from warehouse traffic. Prevent collision damage should a fork truck or other in-plant vehicle steer off-course and accidentally bump the racking. When properly anchored to the floor, our rack protectors help guard your investment without interrupting aisle flow patterns or limiting access to your pick area.

Rack-Aisle-End protecters are available in single and double-sided configurations.





Rack Aisle Protectors Product Help

Rack Aisle Protectors Product Help

Rack Post Protectors Product Help

Rack Post Protectors Product Help


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