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One of our marine storage customers near Dorset, Ontario added this 10 bay wide storage structure to their marina. Over a decade ago, we supplied them with a similar structure which they have since filled. This structure is 10 bays wide, each bay is 10’ clear inside x 25’ deep. The customer is storing 4 boats high for a total storage capacity of 40 boats.

Modula Lift. Innovated Vertical Lift Storage Systems

Discover MODULA LIFT, the innovative vertical warehouse system designed to recover up to 90% of the floor space and answer to all of your storage needs for heavier items, saving time and increasing productivity.

Loaded Rack Move - Part 1

Want to find a better way to store your palletized or boxed warehouse products, Concept Storage can help. We have many different types of solutions available to help you better optimize and organize the products in your warehouse. Whether you are starting from scratch or adding to an existing system, Concept Storage has the knowledge and experience to meet your needs.

Fully Loaded Rack Move

In this video, you will see how we use technology and trained experts to move a fully loaded rack. In this way, we make storage simple and efficient.

We provide additional services to our clients that make installation, relocation, and upgrading stress-free. Upkeep and maintenance of your systems are only a phone call away with Concept Storage. Our team of storage experts have the knowledge and resources needed to meet your needs.

Explore Material Handling As A Career Path

This video traces the package's journey. See some of the amazing jobs from entry level to lifelong careers from different technologies and disciplines to from the shop floor to the boardroom. It's more than just a conveyor system and pick modules in a manufacturing warehouse. It takes talents and skilled people throughout the supply chain.

Everything You Need to Know About Used Warehouse Storage Systems

Clients across a number of sectors seek out the guidance and knowledge of the professionals at Concept Storage Solutions to supply and install mezzanines, pallet racking, push-back racks, pick modules, carton flow racks, cantilever racking, drive-in and drive-through racks, shelving, marine boat storage systems, garment racks, conveyor systems and material-handling equipment.

The Elements of a Storage System

Well organized storage systems can provide multiple benefits for a business. They can make the work environment safer by keeping items in designated spots and reducing clutter. Having a well-organized facility will improve workplace efficiency and productivity.

Concept Storage Walk Through

In this video we walk you through the number of different storage solutions we provide. We offer pallet racks, shelving, mezzanines, cantilevers, marine storage and dynamic storage. We can also work together with you to provide custom solutions that combine a number of products. Each member of this highly skilled and refreshingly professional team works tirelessly to ensure that the right storage equipment solution is skillfully designed to fit your particular warehouse space.

Roll Out Cantilever Rack

In this video we walk you through how our Roll Out Cantilever Rack is used.

Roll Out Rack Metal Sheet 1

In this video we walk you through how a Roll Out Rack works. We take you through the opening, locking and securing of the unit.

Roll Out Rack Metal Sheet 2

In this video we walk you through how our Roll Out Rack works.

Roll Out Pallet Rack

This video demonstrates the mechanisms of a Roll Out Pallet Rack. The video shows how to use the handles and locking features.

Roll Out Cantilever Rack Double Sided

This video demonstrates how the Double Sided Roll Out Cantilever Rack works.

Mezzanine Experts Concept Storage

Large Rack Move

In this video we show you the process of moving a large rack. Our highly trained staff ensure all items are secure before precisely moving the rack.

This is just one of many storage solutions we offer. Some of our other products include pallet racks, shelving, mezzanines, cantilevers, marine storage and dynamic storage.

Rack Installation Time Lapse

In this video we show how we assembled a Rack Installation in just one month. Our team of highly skilled workers used:

  • -15,000 square feet of bar grating
  • -150,000 square feet of perforated shelf deck
  • -1.5 miles of sprinkler
  • -1,000,000 pounds of steel
To store over 308,000 boxes!

Step by Step Rack Repair Demonstration

Damaged racks can easily be repaired with minimal disruption in your warehouse. Concept Storage Solutions' installers are certified to install Damotech repair kits.

Concept Storage offers a number of warehouse storage services such as; rack inspection, rack repair, installation & relocations and buy back & trade in.

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