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Heavy-duty protection to keep your process running smoothly. Install a Cogan machine guard partition and put an end to preventable injuries.

Cogan machine guard partitions offer protection against occupational hazards associated with industrial manufacturing. Moving machine parts, robotics and other mechanical equipment have the potential to inflict serious harm on your employees. Install Cogan machine guards and put an end to preventable injuries. Built from heavy-duty 2” x 1” x 10GA framed welded wire mesh, our machine guards create a secure barrier between your workers and your equipment. The ultra-resilient design means machine guards are strong enough to withstand forklift collisions.

Secure hazardous work zones and high-temperature test areas with a sheet metal & Lexan machine guard partition.

Keep volatile or high-pressure work and test areas safely enclosed with a sheet metal and Lexan machine guard partition. Sturdy corrugated steel sheets help to contain sparks, spray and other spatter, while Lexan panels allow for clear visibility and light penetration. Special 4” sweep provides extra clearance for moving parts and electrical wires. Optional mezzanine integration creates a load bearing roof for any equipment that must be accessed from above the work area.

Secure and separate conveyor systems and moving machinery from warehouse traffic with Cogan conveyor machine guards.

In today’s world, where automation has become essential to manufacturing and distribution, the need for proper safeguarding is more important than ever before. Cogan conveyor machine guards serve to seperate conveyors and other moving machinery from warehouse traffic. The fully-framed partition system allows access to equipment only where necessary. This creates clearly defined work areas and safe walkways for pedestrians circulation. Available in our midnight black and safety yellow powder-coated paint finish for maximum visibility and wear-resistance.

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