Mezzanines solve inventory storage difficulties by creating new space quickly and efficiently. The amount of valuable cubic area in your warehouse is easily maximized with the help of Concept Storage mezzanines. Costly and unnecessary solutions to storage problems, such as increasing warehouse square footage, can easily be avoided. Mezzanines take advantage of the usable space you already have. Local building code requirements are taken into consideration during the design process. We ensure that important requirements are met while still keeping the customer’s budget a main priority. If mezzanines are the inventory storage solution you need, you can request a quote today!


Use mezzanines to increase efficiency in your warehouse, parts department, stock room, locker room, office, retail store, or on your production floor. Engineered with your business in mind, modular components mean our mezzanines are easily adaptable and can be disassembled, relocated, and expanded to grow with your business.
In-Plant Office
Versatility is synonymous with our products and our mezzanines are no exception. In a busy warehouse setting, office space must often be sacrificed in favor of larger production and storage areas. Install a mezzanine and put an end to these limitations. By creating a fully integrated in-plant office above your production floor, a mezzanine can effectively double the usable space in your facility, leaving ample room for computer stations, filing cabinets, and other office equipment.
Parts Inventory
Maintaining orderly and efficient operations in your parts department can be a daunting task. Thousands of small parts, hardware and miscellaneous items require significant storage space to ensure easy accessibility and accurate inventory control. Install a mezzanine and create ample surface area for racking and shelving units, rolling carts and trolleys, computer stations and any other equipment needed to keep your parts department running smoothly. The addition of safety pivot gates guarantees a secure loading zone for increased worker safety.
Online Distribution
In today’s online marketplace, vendors must offer a large selection of products in order to remain competitive. With a world of merchandise just a click away, shoppers expect to find exactly what they want, at the best price and with the fastest delivery. For the seller, stocking, picking, and shipping these items is an enormous feat. Speed and organization are key. Multi-level mezzanines can easily double the available workspace in your distribution center. Seamlessly integrate shelving, racking, and conveyor systems to move your inventory quickly and efficiently.
We understand the unique storage and handling challenges that automobile dealers and distributors face every day. Thousands of valuable small parts and car components must be securely stored, organized and accounted for. Easy location and pick access is essential to maintain productivity. Double your storage capacity and increase efficiency with a mezzanine.
Increase your manufacturing capacity fast with a high-performance mezzanine. Whether you need a little or a lot more floor space, Concept Storage has the perfect mezzanine solution to fit your needs, your timing, and your budget. Our engineers will work closely with you to transform unused vertical space into a profitable storage area. Just send us your additional space requirements and we will return an AutoCAD drawing showing precisely how your mezzanine will be configured within the existing layout of your facility, matching its exact height, area and load requirements.
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Bar And Rod Grating


Open bar grating is a good choice for strength, safety, and long-term cost. Bar Grating can meet almost any load bearing or weight requirement and is the most durable grating for rugged application.



All ResinDek® panels are composed of wood fibres, phenolic, urea or melamine resins, and proprietary coatings of your choice for protection, durability, and showroom appearance with a 10-year warranty.

Mezzanine Safety Gate


Create a safe and secure loading zone, with specially designed pivot arms that allow the gate to be opened on one side while closed on the other, protecting your employees from dangerous fall accidents.



Side rails are factory welded to the channel stringers and sealed with a powder-coated finish. They are available in 4 different models, each engineered to meet your safety code requirements and building standards.


Increased Storage Space

Mezzanines allow you to use vertical space in your warehouse that would otherwise go un-used.

Cost Effective Expansion

Mezzanines are a great alternative to a costly building addition, or the hassle of having to move.


Our mezzanines are completely modular, so the structure can be moved or altered as needs change.


What is the best way to support my mezzanine?

Our team of specialists will be able to assist you in designing the most cost-effective way to support your mezzanine. Common solutions include structures created from a design containing a combination of: beams, C-section, bar joist, and girder joists. Our experts at Concept Storage will be able to provide the best solution for your needs.

How do I determine the best decking option for me?

We offer several decking options for a variety of needs and use cases. Learn more about mezzanine flooring options here

What does PSF mean?

PSF is an abbreviation for Pounds per Square Foot, and is a measurement of load capacity across your mezzanine. A standard mezzanine will generally support 125 pounds per square foot (PSF), but a variety of different materials can be used to increase the overall PSF limit of your mezzanine, making it more capable of handling heavier loads. Design load is the load in PSF averaged over the entire surface rather than a single heavy area on the structure known as a point load. Knowing the difference is essential when designing a safe mezzanine. 

Can my slab support my mezzanine?

We do not evaluate the capabilities of your current slab. However, we are able to provide loading information to an engineer to help determine whether your slab can support your mezzanine or if new footings are required.

Is there a minimum clear height for my mezzanine?

The minimum clear height under a mezzanine is usually at least 7′. This is also the same clear height between the decking of the mezzanine and the ceiling of your warehouse. Items to take into account when determining the clear height include positioning of lighting, sprinklers, and other obstructions in addition to any other items of concern as your jurisdiction evaluates. 


Mezzanine Brochure

Mezzanine Brochure

Ultimately, increasing your warehouse storage capacity is an investment in your business that will yield higher profits in the long run….

Industrial Mezzanine Flooring

4 Industrial Mezzanine Flooring Types

Choosing the right industrial mezzanine flooring is just one aspect of the design process.

Before we delve into the types of flooring available, lets first establish what is a mezzanine.

Tactile Warning Plates

2 Warehouse Flooring Trends to Consider for Your Next Project

Concept Storage recently completed a state-of-the-art distribution center that included two warehouse flooring products not commonly seen in warehouses (at least for the time being):

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