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Concept Storage Solutions Ltd. offers a wide variety of warehousing services from pre start health and safety reviews, to pallet racking repairs and rack inspections, and more!

We make it a priority to maximize the space of your warehouse through user-friendly and affordable solutions. 


We provide additional services to our clients that make installation, relocation, and upgrading stress-free. Upkeep and maintenance of your systems are only a phone call away with Concept Storage. Our team of storage experts has the knowledge and resources needed to meet your needs.



Facility Layout and Stamped Engineered Drawings

While designing storage solutions for our clients we use the latest software to provide quality plans. Our plans and elevations are detailed and provide clients with the storage solutions they need for the best inventory control. We also provide in-house testing for prototypes for pallet flow systems, certified engineering drawings for building permits and fabrication drawings for production. Rest assured knowing that your storage solutions are designed properly and with high-performance software.

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Building Permit Acquisition

Concept Storage Solutions Ltd. obtains all required permits and documents for installation of our inventory storage solutions. Before the installation of Selective Pallet Racking you must obtain a building permit, and we can help you with that. After 20 years of obtaining documents all over Canada, Concept Storage has maintained a good reputation with City officials.

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Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews

The Ministry of Labour requires a Pre-Start Health and Safety Review for all warehouses in Ontario. Concept Storage Solutions can provide you with the necessary Pre-Start Health and Safety Review to ensure that your storage system complies with the Ontario Health & Safety Act. Our team of experts can review your site and ensure that you receive all of the proper documentation required.

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Municipal and Provincial agencies, as well as your own Health and Safety Department, require different documents relating to your storage system. We are often required to supply certifications for certain disciplines including structural and geotechnical engineering, mechanical sprinklers, and building codes

Our experience supplying quality systems makes for a quick delivery of these certifications. Contact us today for more information.

Rack Inspection

We prioritize keeping your employees, inventory and other contents of your warehouse as safe as can be. Improving safety in your workspace starts with ensuring that your warehouse is in the best shape possible. Our experienced staff can visit your warehouse to inspect storage systems including racking and shelving. During the rack inspection they will take note and advise you of any Ministry of Labour non-compliance issues. We can also make recommendations to help get your system back up to safe and legal standards.

Our team of experts can ensure that your warehouse is up to date with a scheduled rack inspection.

Rack Repairs

We offer a line of pallet racking repair and prevention products. Concept strives to put an end to the endless cycle of upright replacement while focusing on warehouse safety and the permanent elimination of recurring expenses.
Through the judicious use of engineered solutions, our team will guide you towards creating a safer working environment for your employees, saving you money in the process.

Pallet Rack Installation and Rack Relocation

With 35 years of experience we know how to get the job done correctly and efficiently. Concept Storage Solutions can help with a successful expansion or relocation if you are moving, increasing or changing your storage configuration and capacity. Your system will be carefully monitored by a Concept Project Manager to ensure that the job is done safely and correctly.

Are you in need of an installation or relocation? Contact Concept Storage Solutions to schedule an appointment.

Buy Back and Trade-In

Upgrading your inventory storage can sometimes be a stressful process. Luckily, we offer a convenient trade-in program for customers with our products. Regardless if you are moving facilities or upgrading your systems, we can provide services to help.

If you would like to learn more about our Buy Back Program, contact a Concept Storage sales representative today!


A racking permit is a building permit that is required in order to legally build a pallet racking system in your warehouse. Be mindful that, racking permits differ from region to region, and are subject to frequent change. 

In order to obtain a racking permit, you must provide your Local Building Department with a variety of details in regard to your project.

More information on how to obtain a Racking Permit can be found here!

Most likely, you do.

The Ministry of Labour requires a PSR for workplaces with racking and storage facilities, as they can contain serious hazards. Any racking system with used racking, or a combination of used and new racking, requires a PSR.

If you have a new racking system installed, then you do not need a PSR, given that the new racking system is installed exactly as per the engineered stamped drawing.

Learn more about PSRs here.

It is a requirement under the OHSA (Ontario Health & Safety Association) to have proper signage indicating the capacity of your rack. If you do not know the capacity of your existing rack, then please contact us to do an onsite review. We will then provide a PSR document or stamped engineered drawing, along with the proper signage indicating the capacity.

If you purchase new racking from us, then the racking capacities and signage can be provided without the need of a PSR document or stamped engineered drawing, and we will also provide a pre-start health & safety review exemption letter.

Call the experts at Concept! We will perform an onsite, professional rack inspection and determine what type of rack repairs need to be done.

It is also advisable to train your staff to do a monthly warehouse safety check for obvious rack damages.


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