Due to the endless flexibility and strength of cantilever racks, they are ideal for the storage of irregularly shapes items. 

Cantilever racks are heavy-duty, fully customizable and provide easy access to various products. They are useful for storing long objects since they do not create a vertical obstruction.


Metal Piping & Storage
Designed for outstanding versatility, our cantilever racks use a special arm system that allows for easy front loading without any obstruction. From tubing and piping to plywood, drywall, and steel sheets, any application that requires extra wide front loading is an ideal situation for our cantilever racks. Structural steel components provide superior strength and durability, while a painted or optional galvanized finish makes our cantilever racking the perfect candidate for indoor and outdoor use. Arms can be adjusted vertically up to four inches to optimize stacking.
Very Narrow Aisle
Designed for use with side loader fork trucks, our VNA cantilever rack system maximizes storage capacity for a highly efficient use of floorspace. The narrow design means VNA cantilever racking uses as little as half the normal aisle width of standard racking solutions. Your storage capacity doubles and wasted space is eliminated. This is ideal for high-density storage areas or where there is a need for expansion within an existing facility.
Mobile Cantilever Racking
Fitted on wheeled bases integrated with motorized controls, mobile cantilever racking runs along rails set into the floor. Fixed aisles are eliminated and replaced with a single ‘floating aisle’ to access stored materials. This drastically compacts surface area, allowing you to double your storage space without adding a single square foot to your facility. Contribute to a more sustainable work environment that optimizes space, reduces energy consumption and most importantly, keeps your inventory secure.
Four Season Outdoor Storage
Ideal for protecting stored materials from harsh weather conditions, the angled roof design allows rain to flow down easily and shields against snow, ice and sun damage. Structural steel components and heavy-duty treated wood joists provide superior strength and durability. An optional galvanized finish is also available for extra wear resistance. In order to account for local weather variances, Cogan cantilever roofs are always custom-manufactured for your specific system. Available in single (L-shed) and double-sided (Tshed) configurations.
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Cantilever racking systems are able to provide both a dense and accessible storage system for long items that have minimal vertical obstruction. Products are easily accessible by a forklift since the system is open facing for loading and unloading.

Customized Design

Cantilever racking is customizable to fit any warehouse or outdoor space and to store whatever irregularly shaped item that is needed to be stored. Designing a cantilever racking system that will suit a particular space is actually quite simple. The two main dimensions that must be determined are the cantilever column height, and the cantilever arm length.


Our cantilever racking systems are extremely durable, and therefore can handle the wear and tear of a busy warehouse or outdoor yard. We offer both painted, or galvanized finish, depending on your needs.


What are cantilever racks?

Cantilever rack is a storage rack system that is designed to store long, bulk storage such as lumber, piping, and other material. Upright columns connect to a base, and there are arms along the upright to make up the levels of the racking system. X-bracing between uprights sets the width of each section of cantilever rack and adds stability. They are open in the front to provide easy loading and unloading. 

What are cantilever uprights?

Cantilever uprights are the vertical columns, made of I-beam structural steel, that support the arms of the system. These uprights can be single or double sided. 

What are cantilever arms?

Cantilever arms are the horizontal beams that support the material being stored. 

Should I buy rolled form cantilever rack or structural cantilever rack?

This depends on the weight capacity you need for storing your materials. For lightweight applications you will be able to purchase rolled form, and more heavy-duty applications will require a structural steel solution.

Can I put cantilever rack outside?

Yes, provided you have a solid, flat concrete ground (that is rated to support the weight of the rack and materials you are sorting) to secure your cantilever rack to. 

What types of products are stored in cantilever rack?

Steel stock, aluminum sheets, plywood, lumber, PVC tubing, electrical pipe, furniture, automobiles, shafts and rods, drywall, moldings and more!


Cantilever Racking Brochure

Cantilever Brochure

Versatile and extremely durable, take the headache out of storing long, short or awkwardly-shaped items with a 
cantilever rack system…

Cantilever Racking Components

What is a Cantilever Racking System?

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