When Is a PSR Required In Ontario? What You Need To Know

This is the most popular safety question that we get from our Ontario clients and for good reason.

A PSR, or PSHR, is a Pre-Start (Health) & Safety Review and is a requirement under the Ministry of Labour. In other words, it is an extensive evaluation of your warehouse storage equipment that focuses on specific safety hazards with the purpose of providing a safe workplace environment.

A PSR is performed by a certified professional engineer who inspects your racking system, warehouse facility, method of material handling, and storage loads.

Once completed, the report will include an engineered stamped drawing of your storage system and a facility layout.

The PSR proves to the Ministry of Labour that your storage system complies with Ontario Health & Safety Standards.

So when do I need one? 

Pallet racking needs to be certified with a PSR if you have a used racking system, or a combination of both new and used pallet racking,  as per the Ministry of Labour.

You may not need a PSR when you have new pallet racking that is being installed by a professional rack installation team. However, while it’s technically not required, you would need an engineered stamped drawing prior to the rack installation and an inspection after the rack installation.

Furthermore, the storage system must be installed exactly as the engineered stamped drawing indicates, or else a PSR will be required. With all that said, we always advise our clients to consider getting a PSR on new pallet racking, since the Ministry of Labour could still find a loophole, and a PSR is a way to cover all your bases.

Rack installationinspections, and engineered stamped drawings are services offered by Concept Storage.

How long are PSRs good for? 

PSRs are good for the lifespan of the pallet racking – considering that no modifications are done to the system. Modifications as minute as changing a beam level will make your current PSR invalid.

Additionally, if you were to move your pallet racking to a new warehouse, you would need to get a PSR completed. In short, if your racking system has changed in any way, shape, or form, then your original PSR will be considered void, and an updated one will be required.

If your racking system has sustained damage, and you have replaced the damaged part with the exact same component as recorded in the engineered stamped drawing, then a new PSR is not required.

How do I get a PSR? 

Contact Concept Storage Solutions! 

Navigating the safety requirements from the Ministry of Labour can be overwhelming. By contacting one of our industry professionals, we will take care of this headache for you.

Getting a PSR is the guaranteed solution for avoiding fines and gives you peace of mind that you and your employees are working in the safest environment possible.

In addition to PSR’s, we also offer the following services:




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