Modular Offices

Space is valuable in a warehouse and it is important to utilize it effectively. Concept Storage Solutions Ltd. can help you with the layout and in-plant space utilization of your facility with modular offices and enclosures which can increase the usage of your free warehouse space.

Concept Storage Solutions designs and builds modular in-plant offices and enclosures. These offices provide unlimited flexibility and are cost-effective. You don’t have to worry about the physical and financial stress of building an addition to your warehouse. Modular offices are the perfect solution to costly building and renovating expenses.

These products offer interchangeable wall panels, stud choices, and accessories that allow more effective planning and design. Our offices and enclosures are designed and built to meet your specific requirements and budget.

We design and build storage solutions in the GTA and across Canada. If a modular office or enclosure is the storage solution you have been looking for, you can request a quote today.


When changes in your business create new demands for in-plant space utilization, modular in-plant offices and enclosures give you unlimited flexibility to respond quickly and cost-effectively.

With interchangeable wall panels, stud choices, and accessories, this broad line allows us to more effectively design offices or enclosures to meet your specific requirements and budget.

Modular Warehouse Offices
Modular Warehouse Offices