All ResinDek® panels are composed of wood fibres, phenolic, urea or melamine resins, and proprietary coatings of your choice for protection, durability, and showroom appearance with a 10-year warranty.

ResinDek can come unfinished, or sealed with a gray coating or steel finish (MetaGard®).

ResinDek flooring offers incredible strength and durability and is built to withstand forklifts, pallet jacks, rolling carts, autonomous mobile robots (AMR) and automated guided vehicles (AGV).




MetaGard® is a warehouse flooring material made of a resin deck panel, topped with a steel surface finish. These floor panels are perfect for busy areas that usually see a lot of damage. 

Places like pallet drop-off zones, where pallets get dragged across the floor causing damage to floor panels, are a perfect place to install MetaGard panels.

More recently, MetaGard floor panels are being used where autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) move around in warehouses. The continuous operation of autonomous vehicles causes increased wear-and-tear on warehouse flooring.

Therefore, the added durability that MetaGard


 offers has been a great solution to this relatively new problem we are seeing in warehouses today

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