Wire Mesh Partition


Wire mesh partitions create secure, reliable and functional storage space exactly where you need it. With the ability to create a safe solution for your valuable inventory and equipment within your existing warehouse space, wire mesh partitions are the most economical security option. 

Our wire mesh partitions are modular, and durable with all-steel construction and powder coated paint finish. They are able to withstand wear and tear, and require no maintenance. With their simple design, the wire mesh partition installation process is quick and easy installation , meaning limited disruption to your warehouse operations. 

Wire mesh partitions can be ordered in standard sizes, but custom sizes are available to meet your unique warehouse security storage needs. Wire mesh partition components include panel frames, panel fabric (welded wire mesh), posts, doors (swing, or sliding), and finally roofs, if required, 

Wire Mesh Partition


Panel Frames

Panel frames shall be made of 1¼”x1¼”x12gauge structural angle. Corners shall be notched and seam welded.

Panel Fabric

Panel fabric will be made out of welded wire mesh, to the welding density, and gauge of your choosing.


Standard posts shall be fabricated with 2”x2” seam-welded square steel tube. Each post shall have a welded base plate, 6”x6”x1/4”, with four oblong holes for easy adjustment. Post spacing shall be either 8’ or 10’ center.


Wire mesh partition doors can be either swing, or sliding. In either case, doors will be made with the same materials as the panel frames.


While not all wire mesh partitions need roofs, if this is a requirements then roof material will match that of the panel frames and doors.


General Storage
Safeguard valuable inventory and equipment within your existing warehouse. Modular nut-and-bolt design allows for freestanding storage enclosure with a quick and easy installation process.
Robotic Guard
Protect employees when operating or working near robotics equipment or moving machinery. Our modular machine guards are engineered to help you set up a protected are quickly and easily. Our wire mesh partition guards are durable against wear-and-tear.
Full Height Wire Mesh Partitions
With floor-to-ceiling protection up to 48' high, our partitions completely seal off designated areas. Organized inventory processes are maintained to prevent the unintended use or delivery of certain goods.
Rack Gates
Protect valuable inventory, prevent theft and contain pallet spills with sliding rack gates. This solution secures your racking units without limiting accessibility. Mounted on galvanized steel top track with heavy-duty galvanized trolleys, our rack gates are built strong for industrial applications.
DEA Drug Storage
DEA cages provide the tamper-proof protection you need to keep dangerous substances out of reach. Ideally suited for pharmaceutical companies, medical facilities, drug warehouses, records storage and more, our DEA cages meet Canada's physical security requirements for the safe storage of Schedule III-IV controlled substances.
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Archive Storage
Keep private files, company records, and other sensitive documents on-site and secure with wire mesh partitions. Even in this digital age, the safe storage of hard copy documents is still important and necessary.
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