Storing your warehouse inventory can be difficult without the proper shelving systems. Concept Storage is your solution for the design, supply, and installation of a wide variety of shelving options. Whether you need single or multi-tier shelving, Concept Storage has the system to meet your needs. Many shelving systems require no drilling, painting, or special tools for assembly or use!


Clip Type Shelving Systems


Simple interlocking assembly without nuts, bolts, or rivets ensures fast installations and big savings in time and labor costs. User-friendly, these shelving types require no special tools or skilled tradespeople.

Dexion Shelving System


There’s only one original, and this is it – the world-proven Dexion Shelving and Slotted Angle Constructional System that gives you all the flexibility you’ll ever need.

ResinDek Shelving System


ResinDek Shelving System is a newly developed and designed shelving system that easily stores and supports case goods in a rack or shelving structure inside a warehouse or manufacturing center.


Single-Tier Shelving
Designed for simplicity and reliability, our solution maximizes floor space utilization while ensuring easy access to stored items, ideal for a range of businesses and industries.
Multi-Tier Shelving
Maximize storage capacity and efficiency with our multi-tiered shelving system. Engineered for versatility and efficiency, our solution offers customizable configurations to suit diverse applications.
E-Commerce Distribution Centre for Apparel Industry
Revolutionize e-commerce apparel distribution centers with our customizable shelving solutions. From hanging garments to folded items, our shelving systems optimizes space and facilitates quick retrieval, enhancing order fulfillment efficiency in the fast-paced fashion industry.
Third Party Distribution Center
Optimize space and workflow in third-party distribution centers with our adaptable shelving solutions. Tailored to meet diverse storage needs, our systems maximizes efficiency and facilitates seamless logistics operations for various industries and products.
Automotive Wholesale Distribution Centre
Efficiently organize automotive parts in with our tailored shelving systems designed for durability and accessibility. Our shelving maximizes space and streamlines inventory management, ensuring seamless operations.
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How do I choose the right warehouse shelving system for my needs?

When choosing warehouse shelving systems, consider factors such as the type and size of the items to be stored, the weight capacity required, the available space in your warehouse, the frequency of access needed, and any specific storage regulations and guidelines. 

How do I install a shelving system?

Warehouse shelving systems typically come with detailed installation instructions. The installation process usually involves assembling the shelving components, securing them together using bolts or clips (depending on the type of shelving), and anchoring the shelving to the floor or wall for increased stability. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and, if needed, hire a professional installer. 

It is possible to expand or reconfigure a shelving system?

Yes, warehouse shelving systems are designed to be modular and adaptable. They can often be expanded vertically by adding additional levels or horizontally by extending the shelving units. Reconfiguration is also possible by adjusting shelf height or rearranging shelves based on changing storage needs.