Selective Pallet Rack

Selective Pallet Rack

A selective rack is a steel storage system arranged in either single or back-to-back (double) rows. Each of the rows offers a bay or number of bays in the down aisle direction. Pallets are generally positioned side-by-side in the down-aisle direction at each level of the bay. The advantage of this configuration of the rack is that all pallets are accessible from the facing aisle. The selective rack provides high SKU storage for medium density applications and offers low cost per storage position.

Concept Storage is a Turn-Key warehouse storage solutions provider, which means we can assist you with your product from design to installation!

Selective Pallet Rack - Warehouse Storage System

Selective Pallet Rack Types

Roll-Formed, Welded
Pallet Racking

Roll-formed welded pallet racking is the most popular selective pallet racking type, as it is the most versatile. There are variety of column sizes and gauges available to accommodate any load size or capacity


  •  Available from stock
  • The frame structure is already welded together, which thus reduces installation time

Roll-Formed, Knock-Down Pallet Racking

Roll-formed, knock-down pallet racking differs from welded pallet racking, because the frame structure is bolted together, rather than welded. Knock-down pallet racking is easy to install, and is available in many configurations. 


  •  Available from stock
  • Easer and less expensive to reconfigure or repair than welded or structural steel racks
  • Reduced freight costs, as more material is able to be shipped per load

Structural Steel
Pallet Racking

Structural steel pallet racking is designed for high-capacity loads, and can be used in multiple configurations. The open channel design and thick cross-section makes the structural steel racking strong enough for any application. 


  • Exceptionally strong constructions 
  • Load storage flexibility that is debris resistant and easily cleaned
  • Weight and volume load flexibility
selective pallet rack
Structural Steel Selective Pallet Racking
selective pallet rack
Roll-formed, Knock-down Selective Pallet Racking
selective pallet rack
Structural Steel Selective Pallet Racking

Selective Pallet Rack Benefits

Accessible Storage

You have direct and immediate access to all products stored on racking, leading to reduced product handling

Inventory Control

Because every position is a one-pallet position, it allows for clear visibility or product, making stock control easy


Selective pallet rackingis available in many different configurations, and comes in a wide variety of sizes


Selective pallet racking yields the lowest cost per pallet position compared to other storage systems

Selective Pallet Rack Applications

Selective Pallet Rack Resources

Selective Pallet Rack Installation

Concept Storage Solutions Ltd. is a turn-key service provider. 

Whether you are expanding your warehouse, moving, or modifying your warehouse storage systems, we provide expert pallet racking installation services

During the installation process, your project is carefully monitored by a Concept Storage Project Manager. Throughout every step of your project, we ensure that all objectives are met, and that schedules are on track.  


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