How To Improve Your Current Storage System

There’s always room for improvement.

The design and concept of your storage system may have been the best possible solution at one point, but needs change. As the needs of your warehouse change, it’s important that your storage system changes with it. A new and improved look and function of your system can result in improved performance and functionality, with reduced downtime. Let’s look at some of the most effective ways that you can improve your current storage system.


If your company is constantly evolving and expanding, it might be time to think about upgrading some of the components in your storage system. You can benefit from expansion in space and storage capabilities.

The innovation at Concept Storage Solutions is always growing. Our high-quality storage systems offer modern technology and advanced capabilities that can help enhance the performance and overall operation of your warehouse. So, you can feel confident in your decision to upgrade and expand your storage system with Concept Storage Solutions.

Not only that, Concept Storage occasionally buys back used equipment through a buy-back and trade-in program. This program makes great use of lightly-used equipment that is still in good condition, helping reduce waste in the environment and additional costs for your company.  If you’re moving to a new facility or just want to improve the quality of your storage system, our experts may be able to buy back your existing equipment to make room for a newer system.


Has it been some time since the racks in your storage system were installed or updated? Having an inspection performed by an industry professional might be in your best interest. An in-depth inspection can help ensure the safety and best operation within your warehouse.

During an inspection, your racking will be examined in great detail for safety hazards, outdated equipment, damaged components, or anything else that may affect the daily operation of your warehouse. Our experienced staff can visit your site and advise you of any Ministry of Labour non-compliance issues regarding your racking. They will also provide you with a recommendation for an action to bring your system back into compliance.


Different industries have different needs and preferences. One system may work well for a site in warehousing and 3PL, but not for the retail industry. If you find that your current storage system isn’t providing you with the level of efficiency that you were originally looking for, chances are it’s not tailored to your industry.

Contact Concept Storage Solutions today, so one of our friendly and knowledgeable experts can help you explore your options and improve your storage system based on your specific needs and industry standards.


The layout of your facility can often have an impact on the daily operation that takes place in your warehouse or worksite. It might not be the storage system itself that is causing the issue, but the layout of your facility.

At Concept Storage Solutions, we use the latest AutoCAD software to provide our clients with the best storage solutions. As a part of our service, we provide:

  • Final detailed plans and elevations required to establish storage yields for customer inventory control
  • In-house prototype testing at our facility systems
  • Certified engineering drawings for building permits, if required
  • Fabrication drawings required for production

Having an expert assess your site and create a new facility layout for you could be the answer you’ve been looking for. Not only that, but an expert may be able to highlight other areas that have room for improvement as well.


While looking to improve your existing storage system, the help of an expert can be extremely beneficial. Our specialists at Concept Storage Solutions can help assess your current storage facility and guide you through the process to upgrade your equipment. Contact us today to get started or take a look at our warehouse storage solutions, racking storage solutions, and various services we offer!


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