Marinas often look to Concept Storage Solutions Ltd. to maximize their available storage space with boat rack storage systems. These custom designed systems allow for boat storage with optimal protection from harsh weather conditions. Designed with accessibility and density in mind, our systems provide a secure and organized solution for storing boats when not in use. 

Dry stack boat rack systems for boat storage are convenient, secure, and durable. The vertical design allows for high-density boat storage, and the boats are easily accessible using a large marina forklifts. 

Concept Storage Solutions Ltd. has been providing marina across Canada with boat storage racks since 1988. 


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Our systems are completely customizable to accommodate various types and sizes of boats; from kayaks and canoes, to powerboats and sailboats. The organization is a key feature of our boat rack storage systems. Boat racks can be designed to store boats and trailers in the same or separate bays.


Boat rack systems provide optimal protection from the elements. Covered sheds provide protection from rain, snow, wind, debris, and ultraviolet rays that can cause damage to stored boats. Furthermore, elevated systems keep stored boats above ground, shielding them from moisture.


Our boat racks are made from durable prefabricated steel, which is custom powder coated or galvanized. Our expert boat storage specialists will provide installation once it has been shipped from our design and manufacturing facility. The storage system and boat racks are then built on a concrete slab or footings to ensure optimal support.


By utilizing vertical storage space, our boat rack systems can accommodate multiple boats within a relatively small footprint, optimizing available space. This is particularly advantageous for marinas and waterfront properties where space is limited and costly.


Concept Storage Solutions Ltd. designed, installed and supplied our customer with this 10 bay wide boat rack system near Dorset, Ontario.

Over a decade ago, we supplied this customer with a similar structure which they have since filled. Due to growing demand, our customer was in need of more boat storage. This structure is 10 bays wide, each bay is 10’ clear inside x 25’ deep. The customer is storing 4 boats high for a total storage capacity of 40 boats.

The marina continues to expand its services to accommodate the growing number of boat enthusiasts in the area.  

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