Span Track’s full-width roller design delivers unrivaled product flow, with 100% to 300% more surface area to convey the product compared to other carton flow options. This minimizes the weight per contact point which reduces imprinting, allowing the product to restart and flow more freely when the front product is picked. Product hang-ups are eliminated, maximizing the benefits of carton flow.

Span Track’s drop-in design fits into any pallet rack structure, making it easy to convert from static to dynamic storage. Simply adjust beams for pitch and product clearance and add roller track to create flow. This maintains the integrity of the rack structure while organizing your SKUs, condensing storage needs and providing FIFO rotation of your inventory. This reduces travel time between picks, increasing your order picking efficiencies. To re-slot or re-configure your operation simply picks up the track and move it to the desired location.

Span Track’s gravity conveyor design with 14 gauge side channels will meet the rigors and demands of order picking operations. Carton flow track has the capacity to handle 50lbs per linear foot — twice the capacity of traditional plastic wheel shelves.



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