Reflecting On 2020 With Concept Storage Solutions

We all saw how the last year put extreme pressures on some industries, causing damage that will take years to recover from. With that said, we are grateful that the warehouse storage equipment industry did not fall into that category. Nonetheless, we did face many changes that called for flexibility and adaptation among our suppliers, logistical operations and installation teams.


Among the many changes that 2020 brought, we introduced a new product to our inventory: Covid shielding. The times you would have left your home, albeit a rare occasion, it would have been hard to miss the acrylic shielding popping up in your local grocery store check-outs and bank teller stations.

Warehousing was no different in requiring these added safety measures. Therefore, we were quick to adapt to new industry trends and added Covid Shielding to our warehouse storage equipment inventory.

We also had to plan for added screening and safety precautions while providing rack inspections, safety certifications and warehouse storage installations. Because we are used to working in pharmaceutical and food & beverage industries, we know jobs require heavy health & safety precautions. But this year was like no other.

Our team members and installation crews were temperature checked, symptom assessed and followed strict mask-wearing and constant sanitizing requirements at all job sites.


We are extremely proud of how our team was able to adapt and shift to the ever-changing environment the past year has presented. We are also very grateful to our customers for supporting us throughout this challenging year.

The increased use of technology within the workplace is suggested to have catapulted ahead 5 years due to the coronavirus. At Concept Storage Solutions, for instance, we have adapted to the use of Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams and Go TO Meetup.

This has allowed our team to meet with customers and suppliers virtually, rather than physically. We have also seen a stark increase in the delivery of digital drawings, as opposed to physically supplying them to customers. The increased use of technology allows us to communicate with our customers quickly, effectively and in these times, safely.

As a pivotal player in the supply chain industry, we are excited to be a part of a growing and fast-changing environment. E-commerce and third-party-logistics is a steadily growing sector, but 2020 has catapulted its growth.

We hear many times from our customers, that they feel the pressure to deliver their product quickly is increasing.  Hence, an efficient and safe warehouse is paramount in order to mitigate this pressure and remain competitive.


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