Concept Storage’s Turnkey Solutions Turn Heads in Calgary

Concept Storage’s Turnkey Solutions Turn Heads in Calgary

Recently, the Concept Storage Solutions team headed to Calgary to complete a huge project for a client facing a time crunch. Our team of highly-skilled and experienced warehouse storage experts did an amazing job, and we’re happy to say the client was more than pleased! Read on to find out more about how Concept Storage Solutions made this project a success!

Assessing the Client’s Needs

When the client first contacted us, he made two things clear: he needed cost-effective storage solutions, and he needed them fast! He showed us his existing floor plan and shared some of his own ideas about shelf height, depth, and vertical spacing which gave us a better idea of what solutions we could recommend.

Our Plan of Action

Knowing that the client was under tight time constraints, we looked for warehouse storage solutions that offered quicker delivery and recommended a few options, which he and his team narrowed down to a single option.

Our team also rendered a new floor plan using the latest AutoCAD software and secured a rack permit from the city of Calgary for the implementation of new racking solutions.

Organizing Delivery

Since most Canadian rack and shelving components are manufactured in Toronto and Montreal, we needed to ensure that all materials would reach the warehouse in Calgary according to the client’s timeline and budget. Rather than use only dedicated truckloads that would have put the client over-budget, we combined both dedicated truckloads with less than truckload (LTL) shipments, meaning that we shared that truck with other people shipping materials across the country, to lower costs and keep the project within budget.

Delivering Turnkey Solutions

At Concept Storage, we take great pride in delivering turnkey warehouse storage solutions. We ensure that each project we undertake goes through a thorough evaluation and planning process so that, upon project completion, clients can jump right in and start storing their inventory without having to rearrange or configure the layout to their needs.

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Do you need to outfit your warehouse space with quality storage solutions? Are you relocating or expanding your current warehouse? We can deliver customized turnkey storage solutions for any warehouse project across Canada, North America the Caribbean! Contact us today to discuss your needs or request a quote!


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