Does Pallet Racking Need to be Bolted Down?

Does Pallet Racking Need to be Bolted Down?


Pallet racking systems are the backbone of many warehouses and storage facilities, providing efficient storage solutions for goods and materials. Oftentimes within the material handling industry, the subject or efficiency is of upmost importance. Because of the emphasis on efficiency, questions regarding ways to cut down on time and make pallet racking installation, and management for timely arise regularly. One common question that comes up often is whether pallet racking needs to be bolted down.  People tend to wonder this from a time efficiency perspective, since bolting a pallet racking system adds time to the overall installation of the job. Moreover, bolted pallet racking reduces the flexibility and adaptability of the system.

So, does pallet racking really need to be bolted down? Yes.

It is of the upmost importance that a pallet racking system is bolted down to the floor of a warehouse. Bolting down, or anchoring, pallet racking ensures the stability, and therefore the overall safety and structural integrity, of the system. A pallet racking system that is correctly anchored to the floor is a reliable way to prevent accidents such as a system collapse, which can cause death or injury to warehouse staff. When correctly bolted, pallet racking systems are designed to withstand unexpected forces like earthquakes (in seismic areas), and more commonly, forklift accidents. If the system is not bolted down, or not bolted down correctly, then the system risks collapse.

Pallet racking systems that are not correctly anchored will also not be in compliance with building codes and safety regulations. Therefore, the system will not receive a valid Pre-Start Health & Safety Review and not meet the Occupational Health and Safety Act, or Regulations for Industrial Establishments. Non-compliance with the regulations not only poses safety risks, but can also lead to fines, penalties, and legal liabilities for warehouse operators.


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What if bolting down pallet racking is not possible?

There are some instances where bolting down a pallet racking system is not possible. For example in leased warehouse spaces, permanent modifications such as drilling and anchoring may not be permitted. In such cases, contact a local warehouse storage system provider so they can offer feasible alternatives. It is extremely important that a certified engineer has reviewed drawings, and signed off alternative options if this is route that must be taken.

How do you bolt down pallet racking?

To learn more about how to bolt down pallet racking to concrete warehouse floor, check out blog post How to Anchor Pallet Racking.


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Does Pallet Racking Need to be Bolted Down?

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