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Due to the endless flexibility and the strength of Cantilever storage racks, they are ideal for the storage of irregularly shaped items.

Cantilever storage racks are heavy duty, fully customizable and provide easy access to an array of products. They are useful for storing longer objects since they do not create a vertical obstruction. Some of the most common loads supported by a cantilever include:

  • Metal extrusions
  • Steel bars
  • Tubes
  • Pipes
  • Carpet rolls
  • Furniture
  • Other various long items

Awkwardly sized or positioned inventory can create a real problem for accessibility and use of space in the warehouse. Concept Storage Solutions' cantilever racks create storage solutions for all types of loads, including loads presented at heavy-duty steel service centres.

Cantilever arms and columns are designed and built according to the weight and size of the load, therefore, you can customize a cantilever system for your specific needs. Vertical clearance and other factors are always taken into consideration during the design process, along with the need for protection with guide rails or entrance guards. 

If you need to store products of all shapes and sizes, then Cantilever racking may be the best solution for you, request a quote today!




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