Structural Rack

Structural Rack is designed for higher-capacity applications and can be used in multiple configurations.

The open channel design and thick cross-section make the structural steel rack strong enough for any application and meet all industry strength requirements.

This easy to assemble system can expand to fit your growing needs due to its bolted connections that provide multi-directional strength.

Structural Rack Advantages:

  • Exceptionally strong construction that meets all industry strength requirements
  • Structural steel or fully enclosed roll-formed beams and hot-rolled structural steel frame
  • Load storage flexibility that is debris-resistant and easily cleaned
  • Weight and volume load flexibility

Structural Rack has the versatility to be used in almost any racking configuration including Selective Pallet RackDrive-In/Drive-ThruPush-Back and more. It can also be integrated with roll-formed components to provide a more economical alternative when a structural system is required.



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