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Pallet Rack Installation Time Lapse

Here is a 3-day pallet rack installation job, in 45-seconds! We installed 120 32-foot high frames, to make a total of 58 pallet rack bays, complete with wire mesh deck, and end-guards for rack protection.

Our Pallet Rack Installation Service:

  • Initial Site Analysis
  • Initial Design and Quotation
  • Detailed Site Measurements
  • Final Design and Detailed CAD Drawing
  • System Fabrication
  • Freight, Unloading & Installation (or modification to existing)
  • Buyback or Trade-In of Existing System

During installation and relocation, your system is carefully monitored by a Concept Project Manager. Every step of the way we ensure that all objectives are met and all scheduled commitment dates are maintained. Contact Us today to discuss your storage needs and how to obtain the most practical and economical solution.

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