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Warehouse Partitions

Partitions can provide many benefits to a warehouse, manufacturing plant or distribution center. Partitions are a cost effective and more flexible alternative to a permanent alteration to your building. They have many applications like increasing security to a particular section of a warehouse or distribution center, sectioning off an area of your warehouse for safety & cleanliness, or simply to hide or protect a processing area or piece of machinery. We offer a variety of partition options to meet your specific needs.

Finding the Perfect Fit with Cantilever Racking

Maximize your storage potential with cantilever racking. Cantilever racking is ideal for storing irregular shaped items like building materials, steel sheets & drywall, tubing & poles, or furniture & appliances. Cantilever racking is specifically designed with no obstruction at the pick face, allowing you easily access loads of any width.

Cantilever Racking: Any Shape, Any Size

Due to the endless flexibility and strength of Cantilever storage racks, they are the perfect solution for the storage of irregularly shaped items.

Some common loads supported by cantilever racking include:

  • Metal extrusions
  • Steel bars
  • Tubes
  • Pipes
  • Carpet rolls
  • Furniture
Modula Case Study: Pacific Coast Heavy Truck Group

Pacific Coast Heavy Truck Group is an authorized Volvo subsidiary that sells trucks for the Canadian branch of Chilliwack. The main problem was the small boxes and the spare parts spread around the warehouse. Finding the products was quite complex and consequently the operator lost a lot of time searching them. Thanks to Modula, the 80% of the space was recovered.

Modula Lift: The Vertical Storage System

The first Modula Lift was born in 1987, and today we have given a facelift to an established product. This demonstrates that the system is capable of changing and moving with the times, revolutionizing the work of companies and their employees. One thing has not changed: the WOW effect of the Modula Lift seen from below! Discover the features of our flagship product in the video!

Box Beams vs. Step Beams: The Ultimate Comparison

A pallet racking storage system is made up of 2 basic parts: frames (or uprights), and beams (or cross beams).

Frames are the vertical structures of a pallet rack system, and beams are the horizontal structures and what you place your pallets on. Beams come in 2 basic designs: Box Beams Step Beams Box beams have a basic rectangular shape, similar to the shape of a 2X4 board with clips on the end to attach to a vertical frame. Step beams, on the other hand, have (you guessed it!) a step in their design. Almost like an L-shape, with slots along the lower edge of the step.

To gain a better understanding of the beam designs, we put step beams, and box beams head to head against 3 factors to see who comes out on top.

15,000 Square Foot Storage System Installation – Time Lapse

In a 2-week time frame, we completed a storage system installation covering 15,000 square feet in a 40,000 square foot building.

This new system gave our customer 104 bays of pallet racking, ultimately providing an additional 1,040 pallet positions for their warehouse.

ResinDek® Shelving System

Manufactured by Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, ResinDek® Shelving System is a newly developed and designed shelving system that easily stores and supports case goods in a rack or shelving structure inside a warehouse distribution or manufacturing center. The ResinDek Shelving System consists of ResinDek horizontal shelving, ResinDek vertical dividers, steel or lumber supports, and when required vertical end stops. This system easily installs without hardware, and our ResinDek dividers are far superior to cardboard and is less expensive than steel.

Metalware Interlok Demonstration

Metalware Interlok Demonstration

Concept Storage Solutions Ltd. is an authorized dealer of Metalware Industrial Shelving products. We currently stock Interlok (no-bolt/clip type) style shelving at our Vaughan, Ontario, Canada warehouse which allows us to provide quick leads times for your next storage project.

We also offer turn-key solutions from design to installation.

Concept Storage Walkthrough

In this video we walk you through a number of different storage solutions that we at Concept Storage provide. We offer pallet racks, shelving, mezzanines, cantilevers, marine storage and dynamic storage. We can also work together with you to provide custom solutions that combine a number of products. Each member of this highly skilled and refreshingly professional team works tirelessly to ensure that the right storage equipment solution is skillfully designed to fit your particular warehouse space.

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Increase Storage Space With a Warehouse Mezzanine

Why Choose a Warehouse Mezzanine System?

1. Increase Storage Space: The mezzanine platform allows for inaccessible vertical space to be used as new storage space.

2. Cost Efficient: Mezzanines are a much cheaper alternative to moving facilities, or building an addition to your existing warehouse.

3. Modular Design: Our mezzanines are completely modular, and scalable so that they can be moved or altered as warehouse needs change.

Contact us to learn about starting your next mezzanine project!

Pallet Rack Installation Time Lapse

Here is a 3-day pallet rack installation job, in 45-seconds! We installed 120 32-foot high frames, to make a total of 58 pallet rack bays, complete with wire mesh deck, and end-guards for rack protection.

Our Pallet Rack Installation Service:

  • Initial Site Analysis
  • Initial Design and Quotation
  • Detailed Site Measurements
  • Final Design and Detailed CAD Drawing
  • System Fabrication
  • Freight, Unloading & Installation (or modification to existing)
  • Buyback or Trade-In of Existing System

During installation and relocation, your system is carefully monitored by a Concept Project Manager. Every step of the way we ensure that all objectives are met and all scheduled commitment dates are maintained. Contact Us today to discuss your storage needs and how to obtain the most practical and economical solution.

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Boat Storage Rack Build: Time Lapse

One of our marine storage customers near Dorset, Ontario added this 10 bay wide boat storage rack system to their marina. Over a decade ago, we supplied them with a similar structure which they have since filled. This structure is 10 bays wide, each bay is 10’ clear inside x 25’ deep. The customer is storing 4 boats high for a total storage capacity of 40 boats.

Turnkey Storage Solutions

Concept Storage Solutions has the knowledge and experience to design, supply and install the right warehouse solutions to meet your needs! Our products include high-quality pallet racks, mezzanines, single-tier & multi-tier shelving, dynamic storage equipment, cantilever racks and much more.

We have both new pallet racking and used pallet racking to suit every budget. Concept Storage Solutions also offers a range of services such as facility layout design, building permit acquisition, pre-start health & safety reviews, certifications, rack inspections, rack repairs, installation & relocation, and buybacks & trade-ins.

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Mezzanine Flooring: ResinDek vs. Concrete

We recommend ResinDek floor panels for mezzanine flooring.

All ResinDek® panels are composed of wood fibers, phenolic, urea or melamine resins, and proprietary coatings of your choice for protection, durability, and showroom appearance with a 5-year warranty.

ResinDek® can come unfinished, or sealed with a gray coating or steel finish (MetaGard). ResinDek® flooring offers incredible strength and durability, and is built to withstand forklifts, pallet jacks, rolling carts, autonomous mobile robots (AMR) and automated guided vehicles (AGV). Concept Storage is an authorized partner of ResinDek® flooring. Contact us today for a free quote!

Rack Installation: Time Lapse

In this video, we show how we assembled a Rack Installation in just one month. Our team of highly skilled workers used:

-15,000 square feet of bar grating
-150,000 square feet of perforated shelf deck
-1.5 miles of sprinkler
-1,000,000 pounds of steel

To store over 308,000 boxes!

Conveyor Protection Guardrail

Create a safe and efficient work environment with Conveyor Protection Guardrail! At Concept Storage, guardrail is always in stock. So if you see a safety hazard in your warehouse, do not hesitate to contact us so we can fix it right away!

Equipment Safety Guardrail

Our guardrail systems are crash-rated to withstand a 10,000 pound impact at 4 miles per hour. With a guardrail system installed in your warehouse, you will have a protective wall of steel between your equipment and your forklift traffic, so you can avoid costly repairs and downtime. We have standard sizes in stock, which are ready for pick-up or shipment in 24 hours.

Pallet Rack Protection

Pallet rack protection is essential to maintaining efficient warehouse operations. One damaged rack can upset your entire workflow.

Shield pallet racking from collision accidents with rack aisle and post protectors. Solid steel, and Canadian made.

We have standard sizes in stock, which are ready for pick-up or shipment in 24 hours. 905-660-7848

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Step by Step Rack Repair

Damaged racks can easily be repaired with minimal disruption in your warehouse. Concept Storage Solutions’ installers are certified to install Damotech repair kits.

Concept Storage offers a number of warehouse storage services such as; rack inspection, rack repair, installation & relocations and buy back & trade-in.

Moving Warehouse Racking

In this video, we show you the process of moving warehouse racking. This particular storage system was fully loaded, and was needed to be taken down off of a mezzanine, to the main floor of the warehouse. Our highly trained staff ensures all items are secure before precisely moving the rack.

Contact us for your warehouse racking installation, and relocation needs!

Roll Out Pallet Floor Mounted

Concept Storage Solutions Ltd. is an authorized dealer of Roll Out racking products.

Roll Out pallet racking is an excellent way to increase accessibility to your storage system, while promoting ergonomic loading/unloading for your warehouse workers. Roll Out pallet racking can be installed as a new storage system, or can be added as an accessory to an existing pallet rack set up.

Roll Out Cantilever Rack: Double-Sided

This video demonstrates how the Double Sided Roll Out Cantilever Rack works.

Roll Out Pallet Rack Mounted

This video demonstrates the mechanisms of a Roll Out Pallet Rack, with the rack mount configuration. The video shows how to use the handles and locking features.

Roll Out Rack: Metal Sheet 2

In this video, we walk you through how our Roll-Out Rack works.

Roll Out Rack: Metal Sheet 1

In this video, we walk you through how a Roll-Out Rack works. We take you through the opening, locking, and securing of the unit.

Roll Out Cantilever Rack

In this video we walk you through how our Roll Out Cantilever Rack is used.

The Elements of a Storage System

Well organized storage systems can provide multiple benefits for a business. They can make the work environment safer by keeping items in designated spots and reducing clutter. Having a well-organized facility will improve workplace efficiency and productivity.

Everything You Need to Know About Used Warehouse Storage Systems

Clients across a number of sectors seek out the guidance and knowledge of the professionals at Concept Storage Solutions to supply and install mezzanines, pallet racking, push-back racks, pick modules, carton flow racks, cantilever racking, drive-in and drive-through racks, shelving, marine boat storage systems, garment racks, conveyor systems and material-handling equipment.

Explore Material Handling as a Career Path

This video traces the package’s journey. See some of the amazing jobs from entry-level to lifelong careers from different technologies and disciplines to from the shop floor to the boardroom. It’s more than just a conveyor system and picks modules in a manufacturing warehouse. It takes talents and skilled people throughout the supply chain.


Want to find a better way to store your palletized or boxed warehouse products, Concept Storage can help. We have many different types of solutions available to help you better optimize and organize the products in your warehouse. Whether you are starting from scratch or adding to an existing system, Concept Storage has the knowledge and experience to meet your needs.