How To Make The Most Out Of Your Warehouse Layout

More often than not, ever-evolving storage and equipment needs can make it hard to capitalize on the capacity of your warehouse layout. To help you make the most of your layout and storage equipment, we’ve put together a few planning tips. Read on to learn more and maximize your cube!


The first step to maximizing your warehouse layout is mapping out important details like where your shipping and receiving, staging, offices, and other key areas will be. Also, keep in mind how you intend to access your inventory to determine the type of equipment needed to load and unload. Consider the following questions to help you determine the best layout for your warehouse:
  • What kind of inventory am I storing (size and weight)?
  • What kinds of equipment will I need?
  • How often does my inventory circulate?
  • What important features should my warehouse have (e.g. large receiving area, offices, etc.)?
  • How many warehouse staff will I need?
For more information about creating a basic floorplan, contact our experts at Concept Storage Solutions.


The warehouse storage equipment you select will have a direct impact on the usability and availability of floor space. Below, we’ve identified five of the most popular storage solutions typically found in most warehouses.


Pallet racking is considered the most adaptable and cost-effective storage solution available. Pallet racks provide you with direct access to your inventory without loss of visibility. This helps to improve stock control and reduce handling. There are a number of pallet racking solutions on the market, making them suitable for virtually any warehouse layout.


Warehouse shelving is a great way to increase the functionality and maximize the space of your warehouse or facility. The type of shelving you need depends on what kind of inventory you’ll be putting on them. Many warehouse shelving systems require no drilling, painting or special tools for assembly or use. If your warehouse layout is subject to change over time, perhaps due to evolving storage needs, you might want to invest in clip type shelving. A top seller and extremely user-friendly, clip type shelves can be easily removed and relocated. They are fast and easy to install without the need of special tools or tradespeople and can significantly reduce installation time.


Great for creating new space, mezzanines allow you to capitalize on unused vertical warehouse space to create additional storage or production areas, or even add elevated office space. As they can be subject to local building code requirements (and sometimes require a permit), it’s best to ask the experts for help in choosing the mezzanine option that would best serve your specific needs. If mezzanines are the inventory storage solution you need, you can get in touch with us and we can make some recommendations.


Are you storing inventory that’s oversized or irregularly shaped, such as metal pipes, carpet rolls or furniture? If so, you definitely want to consider investing in cantilever racks, as their design can be customized depending on your inventory’s size and weight, in addition to other important factors like vertical clearance.


Equipping your warehouse with the appropriate safety and guarding solutions is paramount to ensuring the welfare of your employees, storage equipment, and your inventory. Whether it be guardrails, rack guards, safety netting, partitions or more, it’s important to invest in the right safety equipment to keep your warehouse as hazard-free as possible. Make sure to do your research to better determine the safety and guarding solutions that will best suit your needs. It’s always best to ask an expert for assistance to ensure that you’ve covered all your safety bases. You can contact our team for more information about the safety and guarding products we offer.


Concept Storage Solutions has you covered with our Facility Layout service. If you’ve already drafted your basic floor plan, then feel free to get in touch to discuss your warehouse storage solution needs. We offer an extensive range of high-quality products and services to suit all warehouse requirements.
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