Everything You Need to Know About Warehouse Guarding and Safety

Everything You Need to Know About Warehouse Guarding and Safety

Warehouse guarding is an integral part of ensuring the safety of both your employees and your inventory. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to teach you everything you need to know. Read on to learn more!

What Are Warehouse Guardrails?

In short, warehouse guardrails help define and protect areas in your warehouse and are the perfect safeguard around machinery, loading areas, and inventory areas. Guardrails provide floor-level protection, such as at the end of pallet racking rows, or along building walls. They also help define pedestrian walkways and protect machinery, electrical panels, and walls.

What Are the Benefits?

There are several benefits to equipping your facility with warehouse guardrails, namely creating a safer, more efficient, and more effective warehouse environment.

Improve Warehouse Safety

An essential safety solution for any warehouse, guardrails help to provide a protective barrier against potential hazards. They help to reduce collisions that lead to damaged equipment and lost inventory, and also help to provide separation of workers and potentially dangerous areas like electrical equipment or hazardous materials.

Increase Productivity

Installing guardrails also can improve the mobility of machine operators by separating low and high-speed areas to improve the flow of traffic. They also help to serve as a visual guide due to their bright colour, which helps workers distinguish between different areas of your facility.

Improve Cost Efficiency

By improving productivity and safety, guardrails can effectively lessen overhead expenses by cutting down on repairs and other associated costs. In addition, the buffer between your equipment and products will also help prevent loss of inventory and reduce recoup costs.

How Can Guardrails Be Used?

Protect Conveyor Perimeters

Protect your equipment from traffic accidents and other hazards by installing heavy-duty conveyor perimeter and spiral conveyor protection guardrails to safeguard machinery, conveyors, rack-aisle-ends, inventory areas, and loading docks.

Safeguard Staircases

Protect staircases and other entrance ways from collision accidents with a staircase entrance guardrail, shielding vulnerable property and promoting a safe and efficient work environment.

Create Racking Barriers

Prevent costly repairs and unwanted damage to your racks and inventory by installing end-of-aisle guardrails that shield warehouse racking from forklifts and other vehicles.

Control Pedestrian Traffic

Control high-traffic areas, indicate safe corridors and limit pedestrian traffic around dangerous areas by installing traffic control pedestrian barriers.

Protect Important Equipment

Direct the flow of traffic in your warehouse to keep employees and vehicles or equipment away from hazardous or structurally sensitive work areas by using machine guard barriers. Guide traffic away from hazardous or potentially volatile electrical equipment by installing guardrails near electrical panels and equipment.

Safeguard Public Areas

Avoid damage to plumbing equipment and shield personnel from collision accidents when entering and exiting the restroom by installing restroom area guardrails. Secure your first aid area and improve on-site safety with a first aid station protection guardrail to make employee safety a top priority.

Separate Sensitive Areas

Secure sections in your warehouse by creating create aisle ways to guide traffic away from sensitive areas with warehouse separation guardrails.

Guarding and Safety Solutions for Your Warehouse

Concept Storage Solutions has a wide selection of guardrails that can be shipped and installed in your warehouse quickly and with minimal disruption. If guardrails are the solution you’ve been looking for, please contact us today.


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